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Field Bred English Springer Spaniels

English Springer SpanielsThe English Springer Spaniel has been an excellent hunting dog for centuries. They are flushing dogs who work within gun range to flush the bird into the air to be shot. Springers work well for upland game, with their specialty being pheasant, goose, quail, partridge and ducks. They love to retrieve, swim and perform very well in agility skills trials and obedience competitions. Field bred Springer’s have a short and wavy coat so after they have been out in the bush the burrs are able to just brush out. However if you do clip them, make sure to do it in July so that the hair has grown out enough to provide protection for hunting season. Well cared for Springer’s are very devoted and will work hard to please their master. The majority of Field bred Springer’s are longer than taller in the body, which is desirable for a working dog.

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  1. Steve Boner


    Ben and Rita are well respected and wonderful people who I bought a spaniel from four years ago. He has been the best dog I’ve owned. Both for family and in the field. If you want an expert breeder with a passion for spaniels call Been and Rita.

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