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dog training near meBen Martin is recognized as the premier trainer of hunting dogs in the area. With over 50 years of experience, he develops award-winning field trial and gun dogs at his kennel in Franklin, Ohio. Coupled with the hunting dog training, Ben also offers Field Bred English Springer Spaniels – which is his specialty.

His passion for training has brought with it numerous awards and accolades, including Four National Championships, championing over 65 U.S. and Canadian champions and produced Two National High-Points Champions.

Ben is recognized for his excellence as a member of the Bird Dog Hall of Fame (2005) in Grand Junction, Tennessee. Dog training is his passion, and it shows in the results.

Both upland and waterfowl instruction is available at our Royal Kennel facility. We provide the perfect setting to train hunting dogs in a manner that achieves results.

So when it comes to getting the most out of your gun dog, there truly is no better resource than Royal Kennels.

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Gun Dog Training & Field Trial Training

Whether it be bird dogs, pointing dogs, flushing dogs or gun dogs – we are committed to help each reach their full potential.

Ben Martin is a hunter, and understands the relationship between and and dog. He also is a winner of National Field Trials at the highest level, which requires a unique discipline and passion for those competing. Using our proven methods, we train your hunting dogs to get the most out of their abilities – guaranteed.

The relationship between hunting dog and owner is a special thing. We look forward to helping you enrich the relationship with your dog.

Gun Dog Training

Our gun dog training instructs your bird dog for foot hunting. We highlight obedience, retrieving, field training and water work at our training facility in Franklin, Ohio.

Each bird dog training program is individually structured around the particular needs of your hunting dog. We encourage owners to become involved with the dog’s progression with one-on-one sessions upon completion of the process.

Field Trial Training

This intense program requires dogs to check into the kennel for a minimum stay of 30 days. Training levels and goals determine the length of stay but this program turns out bird dogs of the highest caliber.

Our award-winning methods build a solid foundation for your dog to perform at the highest level. Field trial dogs are trained using the consistent high standards that achieve quality performances – allowing the dogs to think for themselves and to problem solve in all situations.

Puppy Training

Quite possibly the most crucial program to the success of your dog, our field bred Puppy Program is where we set the stage for your dog’s future. Your pup is born with a variety of different talents that are bred into his/her genes. This program will make the most of their instincts and breeding.

Throughout the program, we will bring out as much bird desire in your pup as possible. We will excite the puppies with regard to prey and turn them onto birds. Along with getting that bird desire, they will begin learning how to use their nose to find and flush game. Pups will begin with dead birds, then move on to clipped wing birds and finally onto flushing live game.

We will also take the common thing that we see hunting dogs develop, a fear due to improper introduction of gunfire, and introduce it the proper way. We will work at your dog’s pace as to not promote the fear of any of these obstacles.

Dog Breeds Instructed by Royal Kennels:

  • Field Bred English Springer Spaniels
  • Field Bred English Cocker Spaniels
  • Field BredLabrador Retrievers

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