Dog Training Awards & Accolades
Royal Kennels Dog Breeder & Instructor Ben Martin

dog training awardsWith excellence in your field, comes the recognition for your hard work. We at Royal Kennels are proud of our Field Bred English Springer Spaniels and the time, energy and expense that goes into developing such high-level hunting dogs. Our proven methods of dog training are validated by the awards listed below. Each dog listed is more than just a gun dog, they are also housepets, companions and family-members. We celebrate their dedication and breeding by showcasing their awards.

  • 2009 – Selected Judge, National Cocker Championships
  • 2005 – Inducted to the Bird Dog Hall of Fame, Grand Junction, TN
  • 2000 – Selected Judge, Canadian National Championships
  • 1999 – Winner, Canadian National Championships
  • 1994 – Selected Judge, National Open Championship
  • 1992 – Selected Judge, National Amateur Championship
  • 1992 – 1st and 2nd High Point Dogs | FTC, CFC Windbourne’s Classic Design | FTC, CFC Windbourne’s Loyal
  • 1992 – 2nd Place, National Open Championship
  • 1992 – Danforth Challenge Trophy | Awarded to Outstanding American Bred English Springer Spaniel
  • 1992 – Dewfield Flicker of Brickclose Challenge Trophy for National High Point Dog
  • 1992 – Martin J. Hogan Professional Handler of the Year Trophy
  • 1992 – 2nd Place, U.S.National Championships with FTC, CFC | Windbourne’s Classic Design
  • 1991 – 3rd Place, Canadian National Championships
  • 1989 – Winner, U.S. National Championships with FTC, CFC | Windbourne’s Militant
  • 1986 – Winner, Canadian National Championships with FTC, CFC | Royal’s Best Maggie

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